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Cabral Energy is a privately held Oil and Gas company headquartered in Houston, TX. Cabral Energy explores and develops Oil & Gas resources in domestic USA primarily in the onshore and offshore.

Cabral  Energy's R&D compliments it's E&P Division, leveraging the skills and strengths of the company. Cabral Energy services also include  G&G, engineering, data management & analytics, and operational consulting.

Fibre Optics

Cabral Energy's goal is to discover oil and gas through scientific inquiries addressing problems encountered during exploration and development.


Cabral aspires to be at the cutting edge of the O&G industry's transformation, to visualize the direction of the future, and to be a part of this evolution.

Cabral Energy's mission is to be part of a global movement of an environmentally conscious 

and highly motivated generation driven by efficiency & speed of technology.  





           Health & Safety


         Employees Welfare





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Cabral Energy

2101 CityWest Blvd. Houston TX 77042

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