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Social Responsibility

Our committment to Education


A global initiative by CE has begun by providing educators the tools to educate children in rural areas. Cabral Energy believes the future is dependent on our youth regardless of their background.

Cabral Energy aspires to help the less fortunate and give back to communities through mentoring, financial assistance, and help provide a conducive environment for learning.

Like our youth, Cabral Energy is young and full of energy  with so much to offer to the world. Hence, our goal is to take small steps and 'give back' where it counts. Mentoring or teaching in underprivileged communities is the first step. An exchange student internship from  Africa, Philippines, and other countries to the US begins in 2016. Our 'backpack initiative' will provide materials to children in very poor areas in the Philippines next year.

We invite you to be a part of this committment and contact us!



Cabral Energy is committed to providing a safe place

to work and cares about its employees.

Our committment to safety extends to our environment

and to cultures where we operate.

We believe in respecting people of all cultures.

Cabral Energy Core Values




           Health & Safety             


         Employees Welfare









Lisbon, Portugal

“Cabral” is a name descriptive of people who are determined to explore the unknown, improve on what is known, and hugely contribute to the overall well-being of mankind. – Cabral Energy

The surname has been owned by families from Portugal and Spain, and one of its most prominent holders in history came from Portugal, Pedro Alvares Cabral, the 16th century explorer generally known as Brazil’s discoverer. It was the era of global navigation, heavily driven by commercial and religious motives, and resulting in taking over territories through military means. Cabral was one of the few “masters of the seas” that helped his country’s dominion over previously unknown lands in Africa, South America, and Asia, using the latest navigational technology of that particular era.

Originally, “Cabral” came from the Latin word capralis, meaning a “place of goats,” or capra, meaning “goat.” The “goat” symbolizes a number of virtues: agility, determination, vitality, potency, stamina, energy, creativity, regenerative spirit, as well as being nourishing and nurturing. It is therefore not surprising that world history is replete with achievers carrying the same name, proud of what it represents.

True to the virtues symbolized by the capra and the pioneering spirit of Pedro Alvares Cabral, the founders of Cabral Energy seek to explore the unknown and improve on what is known, this time focused on the oil and gas industry -- a very important resource which drives the global economy and fuels life’s modern convenience. Like Pedro Cabral, this young company uses latest innovative technology and science methodology in its goal of active leadership in exploring O&G resources with utmost respect for environmental protection and earth life’s safety.


                                                                                     Cabral Energy 2016

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